Welcome to my website lukehabets.com. On this website you can find more information about me, for instance my résumé in the 'About Me' section. There are also sections about photography, travelling and more....

All new category added to the photography-section. Filled up with large panorama views.

Latest additions

Aug-02-2011 travelling Kenya
travelling Uganda
May-28-2011 sports Summermasters Stein 2011 Beach
May-28-2011 sports Summermasters Stein 2011 Grass
Apr-24-2011 macro Geleenbeekdal Insects
Apr-24-2011 4 seasons Spring
Apr-24-2011 sports Amstel Gold Race 2011
Apr-24-2011 sports Hockey Scoop B Veterans
Apr-24-2011 macro the Fly
Mar-13-2011 places and events Carnaval Beek
Jan-15-2011 places and events Hamburg Citytrip
Jan-15-2011 places and events U-434 Hamburg
Jan-15-2011 panorama Panorama Section
Jan-03-2011 sports Limburgse Handbaldagen (Dec. 27th)
Dec-23-2010 4 seasons Winter - de Groote Peel
Dec-13-2010 places and events Weihnachtsmarkt Aachen
Dec-12-2010 macro Christmas Spider
Dec-12-2010 macro Wet Plants
Nov-28-2010 4 seasons Fall
Nov-28-2010 places and events American Battle Monument
Nov-28-2010 sports Handball BFC B5
Nov-20-2010 urbex Urbex (Montzen Gare/Hombourg)
Nov-05-2010 places and events Sanicole Airshow

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